Celebrating City Spirit

Celebrating City Spirit

Our deeds of paying forward inspire, attract, and draw the best individuals, communities and this is what drives us into giving us the ability to feel closer to self, nature, resources, and communities, celebrate togetherness, love and respect for self, others and all beings.

So as let others and communities feel closer with Chandigarh Welfare Trust and curate your collective experiences; celebrate the city as responsible individuals as well as a happy community, for people love togetherness not just because of a personal proximity but because it feeds the mind, warms the heart and pleases the senses as evenly as one can experience in Chandigarh. It’s only when we support people, respect life, we stay inspired. We stay awesome. And keep our city embraced alongside through it all.

Chandigarh Welfare Trust, with the idea of building a culture around celebrating the spirit of our city, will involve city stakeholders and design experiences around celebrating the art, tradition, and multi-culturalism of this city, identify and promote extraordinary citizens who have positively impacted the city’s way of life or are doing so in a significant manner, and facilitate periodic convergence of global talents, personalities and scholars in the city so our youth can learn from them.

Program Objectives

  • Create and stimulate awareness among the public towards the preservation of the art, cultural and natural heritage of Chandigarh
  • Work with city stakeholders to restore and preserve cultural properties of Chandigarh having high archaeological, historical, artistic, or scientific value
  • Promote the preservation of traditional arts and crafts to ensure their authenticity and identity
  • Identify and promote extraordinary citizens who have positively impacted the city’s way of life
  • Engage with global stakeholders on large cultural initiatives to promote and celebrate the city spirit around its art, tradition, and multi-culturalism
  • Work with government and like-minded organizations in supporting the artists and artisans of Chandigarh by providing them access to national and global platforms